12 June 2011

Smashing Sunday

Today I've been making some more pages for my altered journal and I've been playing at altering the cover of my Smash book. I loved the embossed pattern on the cover already so I just figured I'd try to bring it out more and used some inky spray and mists and rubbing over with inkpads. I also added some of the Smash tape down the side of the fabric. I'm defo going to end up adding more I'm sure.
I'm just going to fill it with lots of random things I love. If I try and make it too themed I know I won't fill it because I get distracted too easily so it's just going to be a complete mix. It'll be a great place to experiment with ideas and use some of the stationary/vintage bits and pieces I love collecting that don't get used in my scrapbooks. Some of the pages inside are really cute and inspiring.

I'm half way between the wanting to fill it up right now and wanting to save it for another day so I'm compromising and just adding little bits. I can see it being something that is constantly changing and being added to and covered over, kinda like a crafty diary more than a scrapbook/journal.

I've been making some more altered journal pages:

These ones need sewing up yet:

It's almost full up now. I took out some of the inner pages from the journal to take up the bulky pages so there's gonna be around 30 pages in there in total when I'm done. It's a big task but it's making my scraps pile go down tonnes!
Looks like it's going to be a very fun journally crafty couple of months!
xx Leo


Rachel M said...

Your Smash book and Journal look great! I'm making a journal with my new Quirky Kit. I'll post some pictures up when the sun comes back out! :)

Juls said...

oooooooooh your journal is looking just fab!!! HUgs Juls