9 June 2011


A number of things came together to make me start a new project this week. This post by Julie gave the push to get out one of empty notebooks and make a start on filling it. I pinned this journal to my Pintrest then went on to read about the 'remains of the day' journals and then I had this image from Inspiration Monday to give me a kick to start something. So putting all this together I've started a new journal. I picked out this book off my shelf, it's one of the books I got as a present I'd been saving 'for best' - the best time never really comes along until you give it a push though right.
Sid the (not so little anymore) monster came to see what I was doing and decided he loved this book too so I must be onto something.
He just loves anything stringy and dangley plus I think he wants his dinner, that's defo his I want my dinner face........

 Anyway back to my book. It's something I've been meaning to start for a while, I'd forgotten I'd wrote this a couple of months ago till I was flicking back through my ideas book:

 So it must have been swimming around for a while. I also wanted to make use of some of my paper leftovers I've really been making it a misson all year to use up offcuts as much as possiable. I used this as a starting point and pulled out a bunch of paper scraps.
I used the Inspiration Monday image as my starting point for the first page picking out the colours:

Lots of machine stitching going on, I've had my sewing machine set up for a while now I just can't seem to want to put it away. I basically collaged the paper pieces together and stitched over the top. Once the page was done I glued and stitched it in my journal.

I couldn't tidy away without making the next page:

I'll have to keep this up till I've used all these scrap pieces then I can get onto the fun of filling it up!
xx Leo


Juls said...

gorgeous!!! what a fabulous way of using up all those gorgeous scraps ... thanks so much for your inspiration!!!! HUgs Juls

Dolly Mixtures said...

Love the collage pages you've made for your journal. Now you've taken that first step there'll be no stopping I'm sure. It's a little masterpiece.