26 June 2008

Make a Wish!

I needed a kick up the bum to get this commission card done so I popped on to the Cute Card Thursday blog to see if today's challenge could get me started and it did so thanks guys!

The challenge is to make a card with no patterned paper, so that made me reach for my Bug to make some embossed backgrounds. I picked up some of the Core'dinations Black Magic cardstock I've been playing with this week and used that with the Argyle Cuttlebug embossing folder and the Swiss dots one too, using the black side, sanding it to bring the blue/grey colour through and used the coloured side with the dots and then rubbing over a black inkpad. I needed more polka dottiness so I used my Technique Tuesday Swiss Dots stamp on the paper blossoms and layered those up. I've got loads of offcuts of acetate on my desk so I embossed one of those and used it along the edge of the card so it continued the Argyle pattern.
The Tilda stamp is a mix of watercolouring in and stamping on to Bazzill card then chalking to add dimension. Bit of doodling and a couple of buttons to finish it off, oh the chipboard letters and the swirly bit are Queen&Co I think, they were both in an old kit so I'm not 100% on those. The little stars are out of one of my Crafty Goodies kits, as is the blue card. I'm trying to be good and use up some stuff!
Thanks for another fab challenge, they're so great to kick start my brain!
xx Leo

23 June 2008

Another Cute Card Thursday

Here's my card for this weeks Cute Card Thursday challenge! I used some Prima papers and card from my May GoGo greetings kit. The image is one of my Pen Princess Fashion Decades downloads,(you can get them here) this one is the Regency one, (think Pride and Prejudice!). I just printed her onto paper, stuck over off cuts of the patterned paper for the dress and sash. Then I printed her onto white card and the background plum colour card, coloured in the white card bits for her face and hair and then cut it all out and layered it back together again to recreate the image.

I made another one last week I've not stuck on my blog yet. Done in the same way using more Prima papers but with the 50's image this time.

xx Leo

20 June 2008

DMC - Crikey that was quick!

I'm not usually good at quick cards - because I kind of like taking time over making a card, not hours and hours but I'd happily spend an hour playing about with ideas and putting a card together. But as the challenge is to make a quick card I figured if I was going to be quick I would be quick. This card from picking out bits to make it to putting it together took literally 10mins.

The papers are freebie ones from this months Crafts Beautiful, those were on my desk and already co-ordinated (tip #1 for quick cards find papers that are already co-ordinated!) the card size was dictated by a pink envelope I had that went with the paper. I tore out two squares of the papers, layered them up and cut the happy birthday bit out of another of the papers and used it as a greeting/boardery bit. The embellie is made from a plastic flower I had on my desk hanging around and I just added the glitter Thickers, those I'd just got through the post so those were hanging around my desk too. The buttons are out of my button sweetie jar, I just fished out ones that went with the papers. Glued it all together, bit of doodling around the edges and it's done! The slowest bit was getting those glitter Thickers off the sheet , I've not had those ones before they're a nightmare! It's annoying because the foam ones are a dream to use so I was assuming these would be the same but nope.

So anyway there we go super quick card. And like I said my top tip is defo find papers that match already and stick with them for picking out your embellies and you can't go wrong. :-)

News Just in!

I just need to make up a couple of samples and then it'll be up and ready for sale. I've had lots of fun putting it together. Lots of the embellishments I've made myself so they'll be unique to the kits, I even had a go at making some tea dyed lace. There's some yummy Japanese fabric pieces too and some mega cool trims and trinkets. Plus some lino block stamps that I made, I'll do a little demo on using them because I'm guessing some people might be stumped with it but I've used klingon on them to make them stamp easier by hand.
Anyway - I'll get the samples done and then share bigger piccys when it goes on sale.
xx Leo

19 June 2008

Tagged by Tracy

Tracy I'm doing it on this blog instead of my CT one, hope you don't mind!

OK here goes.......

The "rules" of the game: Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

Ten years ago:
I would have been at school and doing my A-levels! I did fashion design, fine art and history. I suppose I would have been doing some kind of mock exams this time of year,yep, I vaguely remember the world cup being on and an England game going on in the common room underneath where we were doing a mock history exam so yep would have been doing that. :-D

Five things in today's 'to do list':
1. Edit website 2. Get food shopping 3. do some card samples and photos 4. Message back my bro about hair cutting 5. Find out why Sky TV stopped working Project cat walk is on tonight! - nightmare. :(

Snacks I enjoy:
Anything! Ice-cream/frozen yogurt is a biggy, I love Ben&Jerry's! The yogurt one that tastes like cheesecake is mega yum!

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:
That's easy, I'd pay my debts off, spend a bit of it on craft goodies and give some to mum and dad for everything they've given me over the years and then give the rest away to the CPL. I wouldn't want to be a millionaire for long!

Places I have lived:
I'd love to say I've lived in loads of cool places but I've lived in the same place for pretty much all my life, in a village in the north of England that was founded by the Vikings and it's still got it's Viking name as far as I'm aware.

I need to tag some other people now so I'll do...
Deb, Lou, Enjay, Kathy and Pat.


18 June 2008

DCM - Vroom!

My go at this weeks Daring Cardmakers dare! I think this is the scariest card I've ever made but it'll suit where it's going. I was going for like a punk rock tattoo look but I'm not sure where it ended up!
The wheel bit as per the dare is the embellie in the center I made it up from different diecuts and embossing with my cuttlebug. The background is one of the newer Cuttlebug embossing plates and I used Coordinations 'black magic' cardstock then rubbed it back. It's not as easy to rub back as I thought it would be, i.e it needed proper sandpaper but it's still quite cool stuff. The rest is from my drawings, printed onto patterned paper and cut out.
xx Leo

16 June 2008

Hodge Heg Card

This is my card for this weeks Cute Card Thursday challenge! The challenge is to use 3 types of embellishments on your card so I picked out ribbon, buttons and a rub on. The hedgehog (or as I call him hodge heg, I don't know why I call them that I just do, same with hang coaters instead of coat hangers!) embellie is from a new set of downloadable images I'm working on called embellish-buddies. I just printed him out on patterned paper, cut the pieces out and reassembled him to make the embellishment. The rub on I added afterwards, that's a Bo Bunny one. I embossed the card blank too with my Cuttlebug, just to add a simple background.

Thanks for another cute challenge!

5 June 2008

Quirky Kits

Ok so after some inquiries about me doing a quirky/mixed media style crafting kit I think I'm confusing people making up different places to look for it so I've decided it would be easier if I put the kits here. It'll make it easier for me too!
So I'll do a quick intro for them.....
The 'quirky' kits will be made up of patterned papers, cardstock, fabrics, trimmings, trinkets and found/handmade objects. The idea is they can be used for scrapbooking, art journalling, altered art, card making, well whatever you want to use them for!
The 'quirky' bit just means unusual themes or items etc. Just something a little bit different.
I'm starting it off with a one off kit that will be available in the next couple of weeks then depending on how well that goes down I might start quarterly subscriptions for the kits. Otherwise I might just do them when I find something cool that inspires me!
The first one off kit will be called 'Natureific' (Nature+ific) and here's a sneak peek!
If you want to know when I've done and they're on sale email me (use the button at the side) and I'll email you back when they're ready.
xx Leo

2 June 2008

Matryoshka girl

OK so I'm a bit of a shaped card impresario so I had to come up with something mega cute for this weeks DCM shaped card dare. I had a Russian doll shaped card template design already which I liked so I just tweaked it a little bit. I felt the need to play with my new GoGo Greetings kit so that dictated the papers I used but I think the two worked together pretty well.

P.S I'm not into pushing stuff at you on my normal non businessy blog but if you do enjoy your shaped cards I'm kinda thinking you will like Crafty Templates so do pop in a have a peek. I've got literally hundreds of shaped card templates if you subscribe and there's kits to play with and dances you can learn and cake too! Well maybe not dancing and cake but there is everything else, in fact for next months kit I will be making cake, just for pictures but you're welcome to join in with the baking if you like!

xx Leo