29 January 2007

Something Speshal

This is/was an ice cube tray from IKEA. One of those I want it because it's cute purchases, the ice cubes never really looked heart shaped. So as per the Speshal dare I took the pretty but pretty useless ice cube tray and turned it into a pretty picture type thingy with buttons and brads and ribbons and bits. It actually looks quite cute hung up. :D

23 January 2007

Double Dare

I did the extra dare too!
Used the recipe of 6 flowers, 7 brads and 5 letters. :D

Card Makers Dare

This week it's making a card with an aperture. I always struggle to use slide mounts even though I have no trouble buying them. I figured a slide mount would make a good frame for an aperture on a card so I cut out a window on the card slightly larger than the aperture in the slide mount and glued it over the window to create the framed aperture. The message is printed on the inside of the card so it shows on the front when it's closed and also on the inside when it's opened!

22 January 2007

I have to confess........

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon making this! Thank you Shimelle xx


Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

14 January 2007

Card Makers Dare

My go at this weeks dare, making a card inspired by your wardrobe. I picked out denim fabric, (my wardrobe staple is jeans). The embellishment is a chunky jumper, another of my wardrobe staples with a brooch pinned on because I collect vintage brooches. All the colours are all the colours of most of my t-shirts, pink, red and green! Ok so maybe I took the wardrobe inspiration a bit literally lol, but I like it! :p Thanks for another excellent dare!

9 January 2007

Bling Birthday

This is my bling challenge card, very understated which is difficult for me but the card's for my mum, who I know will love it so it was worth the restrain, lol. It was her birthday 2 weeks ago but she's been in Oz for the last 3 weeks, she's actually flying back from Australia right at this moment, so I haven't exactly left it till the last minute.... Aww bless her, can't wait to see her, missed her so much, blub, blub lol, also wondering if she's brought me back a boomerang, I've always wanted a boomerang! :D

4 January 2007

Card Makers Dare - Thanks!

This is a mega simple card made from scrapping leftovers, some of my favorite Basic Grey Blush papers and Dream Street paper, couple of buttons, bit of ribbon and some doodling because I couldn't stop playing! Loving those Dream Street papers, can't wait to play with them more! :D Thanks for another fabby challenge girls!