23 May 2014

More Daring Cardmakers Origami & Feathers

It was my turn to come up with the challenge over on Daring Cardmakers this week. I keep noticing Origami inspired designs in some of the newer paper craft lines and so I thought I'd pick out Origami as the inspiration/starting point for this weeks challenge. There are so many cool Origami projects online that translate well for embellishment making. 
When I was having a go at following some of the online instructions I did find that the weight of paper you use makes a big difference, you need something in between a light to medium weight. I ended up finding regular printer paper the easiest to use so for my card I printed some text onto the paper first to make a background and then used the Origami heart instructions to make the heart shape embellishment. I wanted to make use of some of my Pinterest ideas again too and so I had a go at pencil eraser stamping and made a kind of faux confetti background. It's so simple to do, just a case of using a couple of erasers on the ends of pencils, daubed in the ink pad then stamped straight onto the card base. Dye based inks worked best after I had a little play so I used Memento and Impress ones.

The card I made for last weeks challenge was another Pinterest idea I had saved, making feathers from washi tape. All you do is stick a piece of twine or thread onto the sticky part of the tape then stick another piece of tape over the top so you sandwich the thread inside like the 'spine' of the feather then just cut it to shape and snip down the sides for the feathery effect. I guess if you didn't want them to dangle like I used them to make a mini dreamcatcher embellishment you could use some thin wire. If you have some off cuts of wired ribbon, the wire in something like that if you extract it out would be perfect.

 Don't forget to have a go at the Origami challenge this week! http://www.daringcardmakers.blogspot.com
x Leo