22 March 2007

You need hands...........

And you need to do the hand BOM challenge on Kirsty's blog.

This is my go.
It's so much fun to do, it's something that will be weird and amazing for your family to look back on and if you haven't started one yet it's the perfect opportunity to start your book of me (me being you if you get me). So what are you waiting for, go read this to know everything you need to know and then get started!!!

16 March 2007

DCM - Randomisity (?)

This sounded like so much fun when I read it this morning I wanted to play straight away! I dropped everything else (that I should be doing) and did the challenge instead!
Ok so, write down 10 bits of crafty stash and put them in a hat (in this case a coffee pot, it was just what I had to hand it's in the process of being altered for a gift so was on my desk and it's cute :D)
Get a non crafty person to draw out 5 things (that looks posed because his jumper matches the pot but that was just pot luck :D)
He picked out.......

Use these crafty items only to create your card.

Drum roll.........


Thanks for another fab challenge DMC's!

15 March 2007

I'm Going Lolly Mad!

This week has been a bit of a blur but when I have found time to indulge in a bit of crafty ness all I can think about this week are lollipops and ice cream! I think it all started off on Monday when I got my hands on some of the lush new Sassafras Lass Serendipity Scrumptious papers, with names like 'Raspberry Ripple' how can I not think of ice cream? They're lush and weirdly remind me of my childhood, taking trips to the seaside, getting huge Knickerbocker Glories and ice cream floats from the Milk Bar in Brid. It's the colours that set me off the pink, red and turquoise. It's probably something to do with the 50's style ice cream Parlor that was the Milk Bar at Brid but the colour combination of pink, minty turquoise, cream and red just scream ice cream and seaside to me! That train of thought kicked off a layout I'm currently working on (currently being right at this moment) about smells that remind me of the seaside. But before that it was all about lollys! These lollys in particular are ribbon lollys, a bit of a daft idea I made up as a different way of storing my ribbons! To me they look scrumilicous but that's a problem because now how on earth can I dismantle them to actually use the ribbon??

8 March 2007

3 x 3

I've not done the main cardmakers dare, I was just sitting, thinking what my comfort zone is and I just can't figure it out, I'm happy doing craft full stop so? I did think about just having white card and a pen so I'm devoid of all colour and pattern but I would be pretty comfortable with that too ( I studied illustration for a little bit so love pen and ink drawing!). So anyway like I said no idea what out of my comfort zone would be so I've done the mid week dare instead! :p. Used three ribbons, three patterned papers and 3 buttons! Thanks for the challenge!