30 March 2009

Note to Self

I've been playing with my Note to Self Quirky kit this weekend and so far I made a book...

Other side of the bookmark -

It's an accordion book I've made just taping together pieces of card and spare card blanks. The cover I've made with board covered with fabric and embellies from the kit and my stash (added the yellow ribbon, flower button, Primas and polka dot gaffer tape). I used some of the little Sassafras paper Whimsies cards - two if them just glued together with ribbon fixed in the center to make a bookmark with. The other half of the ribbon is fixed inside the cover so it's always handy to save a place. I'm not sure what's going to go in there yet but probably lots of cute inspirational stuff - stuff to inspire future Quirky kits maybe :-D
I also used some more Sassafras to make a quick card for Julie {Julie if you're reading it's going in the post now!}.

I used more Sassafras Paper Whimsies cards with a bit of paper and some Sweet Treats Stickers then stamped on the message.
Julie has been and is making loads of cute stuff with my Quirky kit and it's looking v cool - check out her blog for a peek I think everything is going up there - http://www.notesonpaper.blogspot.com/ loads of inspiring stuff there anyway :-D
xx Leo


Julie said...

Ohhh, awwww, how lovely!!!!! Thank you! :D

kathj said...

this is very nice