5 March 2009

DMC - Circles

I was stumped with this card, it's for an uncles birthday, what do other ppl do for uncles? It's such a toughie. Anyway I popped onto the DMC blog to see if anything could spark me off and it worked! Circles this week...... ok so what colours do I go for, scouting around for something and there sits my gogo greetings kit, still with loads of lovely SEI Jolie Chocolat papers in - can I make a man card from such pretty papers...... why not! I picked out all the brown and grey ones and punched out circles then tore out strips and stuck it all together. The other circle bits are Candy Drops and then some SEI alpha and a stamp that was in the Greetings kit.Might use this design again but it bright neon colours! lol
Thanks again DMCers for the inspro!


Kathy said...

Love this, Leo those papers are fab and it's such a wonderfully graphic design - perfect for a man

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - its perfect for a man :) Love your card.

Vanessa :)