15 April 2011

Finish Up Friday

This Friday I'm still working on finishing up my Crafty Templates card samples for this month. It's been my birthday this week and so I was kind of arm twisted into having 3 days off. I did some rushed ones before my birthday but I wasn't happy with all of them so today I've been fixed to the desk trying to catch up where I left off, eek!
I'm not sure I'm going to bother with tidying this Friday I'll probably still be working until late but I'm still calling this a 'Finish Up Friday' post as what I am doing essentially is finishing up some projects :-D

I really like this card from this months set I'm doing right now. I always end up with small off cut bits when making cards so I wanted to think up a simple way of using them up to make a card....
I love cards like this, ones you'd be able to give to anyone so you can make them up in advance and just by changing up the colours you can make them different every time.
xx Leo

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Rachel M said...

Hope you had a good birthday. :)