21 April 2010

Week in the life 2010

This past week has gone by in a big whiz! I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with this next week because I'm going to try and document it for a week in the life. I didn't need to buy anything extra and I wanted my book to be small so it can go inside my year long 2010 album so I had a snoop around to see what I could find. After a spring clean the other week I found an old postcard book, with the invention of email these things are hardly useful anymore but I'm kind of a stationary collector so I guess that's why I have blank postcards! Anyway the small size made them perfect for a book and it turned out {luckily} I had exactly 14 left, 2 for every day!

The book is bound with paper scraps and cover made with things I had on my desk, mostly October Afternoon 'Thrift Shop' papers and a little bit of kraft card. I've used a date stamp and some Banana Frog stamps to add the days on.

I'm thinking of adding journalling to the front of the postcard and then just covering the back and extra postcards with photos and mementos. Will have to see how it progresses, these things are usually pretty organic once they get going right?

xx Leo


Cheryl said...

Just popped over from UKS love your fantastic idea for postacards love the look it has made to your book x

Rachel M said...

I love your mini album it's really pretty. XxX