30 April 2010

Millinery Operation

I do love fashion - so it makes sense that it's double the fun for me to combine fashion with crafting and create some fun stuff. I'm going to try and instill the fun-ness in you too if you're reading this so you can go on and make some fun fashion. Here's what I've been making today.........

If you want to make your own here's a quick how to......

You'll need some strips of leftover fabric, a plain hairband, some pretty Prima flowers or other embellies you like, some net and a needle and cotton.

First you need to make a 'tube' with your fabric so take one of your strips of fabric and folding it inside out stitch down one edge. When it's long enough to cover your hairband sew the edge across and trim the end. Leave the open end open.

Next you need to turn the fabric the right way around. The easiest way to do this is using a pencil to push the fabric the right way around. Thread the tube of fabric over the top of your hairband and stitch the open end closed.

Take another strip of fabric that co-ordinates with your other fabric and sew a running stitch down one edge. Pull the thread to gather your strip into a circle and then stitch the ends together keeping the fabric taught. Take the net and sew your rosette over the top using a few stitches in the centre. Trim the net around the rosette leaving a small edge.

Take some flowers and glue them in a cluster on top of your rosette. If you wanted to you can seal the flowers with clear varnish or glossy accents. Finally glue this to your hairband.

Pretty simple right? Really addictive too you can go really crazy making all different kinds of fun fashion accessories. :)
xx Leo


Rachel M said...

That's a great idea and really pretty! :)

Anonymous said...
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