16 February 2009


There have been loads of recent challenges and things about with 'hearts' as the theme and I couldn't resist playing along with some of them.
Over on the Banana Frog stamps blog there is a challenge to use hearts and because I haven't got my BF stamps out in an age, I figured I should have a play. I picked out the 'Paperchains' and 'Dear Joe' sets and made some little notecards. I love making stamped notecards and most people who have something though the post from me usually get one so I try to keep a pile handy. Prettier than just scribbling a note on a bit of paper ;-)
Stamping them means you can set up a mini production line, stamping each card in turn and building up a unique design till you have something like 10 super cute little notecards. Then when they're all gone you can make up a different design :).

A recent discovery is this jewellery challenge blog, http://jewellerychallenge.blogspot.com/ .
I used to design jewellery a few years ago and have a big stash of beads and things to use. I still like to make it for myself but I thought I could start making some more for prezzies. Here's what I came up with for the current challenge, to use hearts & red.
The heart beads are hematite and the large red beads are cherry quartz, the smaller beads are smokey quartz. I just strung them on some Stretch Magic so it can be used as a necklace or doubled up and worn as a bracelet. Will defo be playing along some more with those challenges.
xx Leo


craft mad Jenny said...

this is so gorgeous, love the stretch elastic idea - it'd look great as a bracelet, too!

Kathy said...

I love getting your little notes when you send Crafty Templates stuff - it's a fab idea to have a pile of notecards ready to send - just wish I was as organised as you - I always end up making them just as I need them!