28 August 2008

Been Busy + Latest cards + peeks!

Thought I better get a new post up since there's been some serious blog neglect this month.
I have been crazy busy though making up the Christmas Crafty Templates kit, enjoying the last few dregs of the summer and going through upteen hair colour changes (not my hair I'm just the dope who has to keep applying it!) to name just a few things.

So anyway, some latest cards...

I've been playing around with creating depth and the one of the easiest ways I've found is to use corrugated card to matt embellishments or pieces of paper on, build them up then apply them to the card. It's robust but not heavy so it's not making the card bulky/weighty and therefore tippy! I think it looks cool from the side too, like a hone comb texture, plus it's free if you recycle boxes/packaging so it's all good. :-) I like going off the top of cards with bits too, this one fits a 6x6 envelope, if you pop it under neath your card before you stick on the pieces you can make sure it will fit whatever envelope you want to use.
More cards, these ones I've used nestabilities to cut out shapes from the corrugated card, (I used a Cuttlebug and just ran it through twice to make sure it cut cleanly).
These last two I made with the latest GoGo Greetings kit, I added the Bazzill card and used American Crafts markers for the doodling.
Speaking of kits I have been mega busy getting bits together for the Crafty Templates Christmas card kit and I'm not just saying it because it's mine but it is seriously lush, I'll take a sneaky peak photo soon, can't wait to show it off! It'll be a special bumper kit for October and it'll be perfect to make extra special Christmas cards with, plus it'll be some way to being a little more festive feeling by then, ooo can't wait. :-D

The September kit is a mini one, although it is still generous for a mini kit, I'm just rubbish at sticking to budgets!
I do have a sneaky peek picture of that already,
I got some of the cutest trims for it, the multicoloured one I found in my local haberdashery and I got every bit they had left! There's some of the latest American Crafts papers, Bazzill bling and scalloped card (which folds in half to make a perfect scallop edge card blank!) and I got some more of those little birdie notes. Those are by 'Pink Poison' (aka Marie) her website is very checkoutable if you like cute slightly quirky stuff, http://www.pinkpoison.net/
If you want one of these kits they're going up for sale on Crafty Templates on the 1st of September.
Well I'll try and get a new update soon, I'm booked in for another hair colouring session any time now. Just a warning, I know there can't be many people that are that crazy but don't be as dippy as my mum and try to add dark bits to your hair with 1. false tan and then 2. eyelash dye because you will get bright orange and then bright green streaks in your hair. Now I have to fix it and pray that it works out, wish me luck... lol


bubblegum said...

Fabulous cards Leo - love them all actually - they are so bright, cheery and fun. ;) :)

How did the hair dying session go, lol


Poppet said...

I love the brightness of all the cards you have made, well done love Pops x x x