5 June 2008

Quirky Kits

Ok so after some inquiries about me doing a quirky/mixed media style crafting kit I think I'm confusing people making up different places to look for it so I've decided it would be easier if I put the kits here. It'll make it easier for me too!
So I'll do a quick intro for them.....
The 'quirky' kits will be made up of patterned papers, cardstock, fabrics, trimmings, trinkets and found/handmade objects. The idea is they can be used for scrapbooking, art journalling, altered art, card making, well whatever you want to use them for!
The 'quirky' bit just means unusual themes or items etc. Just something a little bit different.
I'm starting it off with a one off kit that will be available in the next couple of weeks then depending on how well that goes down I might start quarterly subscriptions for the kits. Otherwise I might just do them when I find something cool that inspires me!
The first one off kit will be called 'Natureific' (Nature+ific) and here's a sneak peek!
If you want to know when I've done and they're on sale email me (use the button at the side) and I'll email you back when they're ready.
xx Leo


Dolly Mixtures said...

Mmmmmmm, looks interesting! Can't wait to see more!

paul profitt said...

I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.
I love it!!!! Thank you very much!

bubblegum said...

Oooh this sure is tempting Leo - can't wait to see it all. :) :)

Debbie xx