1 August 2007


Thanks Lou for tagging me! With this tag we have to send a card too, fun!

If I've tagged you you can read what it's about here

Here's who I've tagged:
Sillybirds (for her practices in lushness card making and cute pink blog!)
Enfy (who's inspiring me to bits with her lush crochetness!)
Monica (such a tallented lady and fellow ribbonholic!)
Cal (because tags are like buses and should always come in twos! ;)
and.... Beate (whos blog I've only recently discovered while blog hopping and it made my jaw drop with lushness!)

xx Leo

1 comment:

Hysteri-CAL said...

Thanks for tagging me ... i'm going to get my tags sorted out now.

My card has been made and is ready for sending from the UK to the USA.

Very many thanks for finding me and tagging me.

Cal xxxxxxx