22 November 2013

Let's Weave!

Ack, sorry I've not been updating this month. I'm so far behind with everything I need/want to do crafting wise! There just aren't enough daylight hours any more and it's a case of snatching an hour or two of light when I can. I'll try and do a little round up post after this one with how I've done my last few Daring Cardmakers projects.

Today it's all about weaving over on Daring Cardmakers. Here how I've done my weaving...

First I cut out thin strips of patterned paper and then stacked them up next to each other. I fixed the edges of the paper strips with pieces of washi tape. You need a tape that comes off so make sure it's a low tack one not a super sticky tape.

Next peel the whole piece off your workspace and peel away carefully every other strip of paper so you end up with lines of paper with equal gaps. Stick it back down to your work surface.

Take some more paper strips cut to the same size as well as the ones you peeled away previously and weave the paper strips through one another. Start with over under then alternate to under over until you've got to the other end. While it's still all one piece peel it off your work space and add glue to the back then glue it to your card and then carefully peel away the tape. Trim down all the edges to finish it off.

Here's my finished card:
Everything I've used to make my card is from October Afternoon.
Pop on over to Daring Cardmakers to have a go at your own weaving and see what the rest of the design team have come up with! http://daringcardmkaers.blogspot.com
x Leo

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Miri said...

I like your card a lot. The woven background is beautiful!
Your tutorial looks great too.