7 November 2012

Happy Birthday to Daring Cardmakers!

Big happy birthday to the Daring Cardmakers this week it's been 7 whole years since it started, can you believe that? My card for this weeks dare is above. This week it's a colour challenge set by Zuz pop on over to check out the details, http://daringcardmakers.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/colour-challenge-november.html
Seven years is a whole lot of cards and a lot of fun cardmaking :)
Since I've been uploading cards to the blog for the design team I've ended up with a nice jam packed folder on my PC with all my cards I've made for Daring Cardmakers and I've just been browsing though them and remembering past dares through the cards. It's amazing how much the dares/challenges can make you think up ideas you totally wouldn't have on your own. They help to stretch boundaries of the content of your cards and the materials you're using, well for me they do anyway ;-)
I've picked out my favourite cards from my Daring Cardmakers folder and as I'm currently trying to put together some Christmas holiday cards I'm going to use them as inspiration for the cards I'm currently making. How about you, do you have a favourite set or 'top ten' fave cards you've made for the Daring Cardmakers?
x Leo

In no particular order, (well alphabetical since they're in the PC folder that way) Top 10 Favourite Daring Cardmakers Cards, (well from the last couple of years anyway).

Dare to make a 'rocking' card.
Dare was to make a card that wasn't Christmas themed but used Christmas stash
Dare to make a card featuring another language.
Dare to make a card inspired by an image on Pinterest
Dare to make a card featuring something to do with camping, (I think).
Dare to make a card featuring goodies from Tea House Bridge.
Dare to make a card inspired by Marie Antoinette
Dare to make a card inspired by Damien Hirst
Dare was to make a card with at least three natural materials, (feather, wool felt and wood).
Dare was to use washi tape on a card.


Zuzana Obert said...

Leo, your cards are so inspiring! You are so talented! I am happy that you are in our DCM team. Thank you for sharing your beauties. Adorable designs! Sending big hugs.

Zuz. x x

Jo said...

Leo I absolutely love all your cards - they are all amazing, and so different. So inspirational

jo xx