18 May 2011


So here's my workdesk today.

I had a little tidy up because my space was getting a bit too cluttered with random bits. When I collected together these 'random bits' and sorted out the junk I found I had quite a lot of cool 'desk treasure'.

Have you ever gone treasure hunting on your craft desk/workspace, what have you found? lol
Find more desks over on Julia's blog, http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/
xx Leo


scrapwordsmom said...

I love that...treasure hunting on your desk...and yes, I have found sooo many treasures there!! LOL!

I want to check out your Quirky Kits...sounds intriguing.


JoZart said...

Sweet and Neat! Lots of creative goodies to spy!
JoZarty x

fairyrocks said...

Nice finds on the treasure hunt. I can only tidy for so long, then I have to do something with the things I find.
Keep smiling and creating

Julia Dunnit said...

I wouldn't find flowers...but the snips and bright coloured bits may turn up. Dust, tumbleweed even...! seriously, your desk is clean, tidy and way more interesting than mine!

Linda Elbourne said...

Really nice treasure hunt finds ... I often find bits that I got out for a particular project and then forgot all about them ... problem is ... when you find a whole pile ... well ... I cant be bothered to put them away again ... so they end up in a big tub of junk! You are clearly way tidier!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, I could definitely do a treasure hunt on my desk!

Brenda 84