7 September 2010

Scribbles 'n' Scrappin

So why did you call your blog what you called it?
Scribbles 'n' Scrappin came from my notebooks. I was twiddling my thumbs trying to think of something that wasn't taken as a blog name and then my eyes drifted over to my stack of notebooks. I have a thing that I think I picked up in art school where we had to forever sketch out our ideas before we put actual brush to paper. I used to hate it at the time but it's grown into a life long habit. Before I can scrap or do most craft I scribble down my ideas first. I suppose it is a good habit to get into because when inspiration strikes it's not always possible to drop everything and start creating so you can reach for your notebook and put everything down ready to work from when you can.
I have thrown lots of notebooks in the recycle bin but I have kept others and like to trawl back through trying to glean new ideas. Some of them are so haphazard I'm not sure anyone would be able to make any sense of them but me!

All the notebooks I've had I've made myself, you can grab some of your fave patterned papers and embellies and have fun creating. I made up some extra books to put in my etsy store last week. You can have a peek here. This one is my fave I used some pretty chipboard from American Crafts I've just treated myself to:
That chipboard and the sketches are coming in handy for the *massive scrapbook project I'm doing at the mo. I did this page at the weekend, one of 10 that I finished in 2 days, I haven't scrapped this much since the last UK Scrappers Cyber crop!
I hope the lady likes it when it's done. I've had to really draw back my style, no messy painty inkiness but I'm still managing to get a bit of me in the pages. I added some of the butterfly garlands I've been making.

I've also had to teach myself to make photo corners again so I can add the photos in a not so permanent way. I did want some removable glue so I could add the photos but they could be peeled away from the pages easily but I haven't had any luck finding any, I'm sure it must exist? As always any help much appreciated.
xx Leo

*see last post


Ann said...

How about standard photo corners you buy by the box? The clear ones, and then put decorative corners over the top?
My blog name came about because it's how I craft - all my stash has to be put away tidily into cupboards at the end of a craft session because Hubby has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and he cannot abide any mess!

Sandy Ang said...

Glad I'm not the only person who plays with my ideas by sketching them out first. Often they get altered, combined or tossed out altogether. And the final product sometimes bears no relation to the initial sketches !