9 July 2010

More fun storage

Thank you for the stamp storage ideas, they gave me some great ideas and I've settled on plastic pockets in a mag file, then I can free the draw just for inkpads - going to get them sorted next week.
OK keeping with the storage theme this week here's more storage snaps.
This is where everything goes that hasn't got a 'proper' home. I rescued the cake plate from certain doom in an attic clearance.
Love the pretty 50's pattern. It's very handy because it's moveable so you can take it to your desk space and also you can just chuck things on it and they look kind of pretty so it's working with the whole 'decorative but functional' thing I try to stick to. The tins are from IKEA and are full of cotton reels. The little tubs are also from IKEA they're very cute and stackable, they used to be in the children's bit, I'm not sure if they still have them there or not. They're great for little embellishment bits and chunky things like chipboard. The noteboard we made in Create 10 class last time. The jar is full of fabric and paper flowers, that was from Dunilm Mill {minus the flowers!}.
I think I'll share one more bit of storage in another post then I'll move on from storage. A while ago I found a fun way to store my Cuttlebug stuff and again I found something decorative and repurposed it, it's defo a fun thing to try.
xx Leo

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Curlywiggles said...

Oh there's so much pretty on the cake stand.