10 May 2010

Use it up

I'm trying this year to use up leftovers as much as possible. One thing I have found is that leftovers tend to have a habit of accumulating - with the good intention that they will get used someday - into a larger and larger and larger collection. Because of this I am now trying to use leftovers more as they're made rather than squirrelling them away. It does have an added benefit that you're not searching around for the right bit of paper to use, it's a go to the latest pile and start using kind of gig. One of my favorite things to do is to makes cut outs and shapes from leftover papers or draw on them and cut out drawings I particularly like. It's defo a fun thing to have a go at. I started adding to my depleted pile of notecards this weekend with these 'Fancy Dress' cards.
These first two I made with templates I'd done for Crafty Templates:

After that I started just drawing on the paper. This was my fave one....

So yeah, scribbling on patterned paper leftovers, defo something to have a play with.
xx Leo

Linby the templates are in the May subscription set, so you need to click on template subscriptions but if you want just the dress sheet let me know. xx


Julie Kirk said...

I love these! So pretty.

I'm trying to use up scraps too but have discovered that - once you've cut into a scrap - it becomes at least *2* scraps ... ithey just keep multiplying and never actually get used up! :D

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh these are lovely..I love the way you say 'I just drew'..like it was something SOOOOO easy!!

Rachel M said...

They're really pretty!

Thank you for my goodie bag, it's lovely.


Linby said...

OMG I LOVE these - i went to the shop but couldn't find these dresses, if they are templates in there can you point me in the right direction please. Going to follow your blog - you certainly have style and loads of talent.