22 December 2009

Catch up & Cards

I'm completely snowed in today, it snowed heavily over the weekend and the temp dropped right down so everywhere is now covered in ice. Also add to the mix I've ended up with the classic Christmas cold. Whisk it all up and it's the perfect recipe for staying indoors and catching up with some stuff. I've been busy with my December Daily book and I've just taken a few snaps of some of my faves from the last few days.

Had some stem ginger left from the Christmas cake so I chopped some up to add to the gingerbread - defo makes it extra delish you get a hit of chewy ginger when you get a bit it's mega.

Made lots of tree cookies this year as some of them went out to different places. A mix up of sugar cookies and gingerbread.

I left most of my cards to the last minute so I decided to go for something simple I could reproduce lots of times over

Ended up using a Crafty Template, one of my faves from this year the Christmas jumper. Used a variety of different papers I had in my stash so everyone got a completely different jumper.

This page was a page protector so everything showed through to the other side so all I did was mirror everything I'd done on the other side for this side. I thought it worked out quite well!
Took a quick piccy of my cards before I posted them out. There were quite a few of them to make so I kept it really simple but I liked them. I actually enjoyed making them this year!

Got a toppling pile of prezzies to wrap up so I'm going to make a start on that this afternoon along with mince pies and hot chocolate with whiskey (for my cold! not a massive afternoon whiskey drinker, although it is the season! lol)
Merry Christmas
xx Leo


Julia Dunnit said...

Feel better very quickly gal! LOVE the jumper template..how did I miss that..so typical that you have to see a sample first! Hope you've enjoyed a enforced day in.

Pat said...

Thanks Leo!!! I love my jumper. :) Love the cards and the scrap book!!! I am still struggling making a scrapbook here. Just can't quite get my head around it. Love seeing yours though. :)