22 May 2009

More pretty pictures 2 inspire

I've been sticking some of these in my inspiration notebook how scrummy are they!?! I've been looking for cool melamine plates and cups for a project mum's working on (she does interior design) and I found some made by a company called rice and when I went to investimagate further found the most amazing website with loads of inspirational goodies..... This is one of the plates I found first.

Love these

How cute would one of these be on a card

I need all these bedspreads!!
Love the colour combo on these combs and the details.
These are clothes pegs but how cute would they be as a minibook closure!


Oh and I did make cake the other day - couldn't decide what kind to make so made some neopoliatan style ones (chocolate+strawberry+vanillia). I'm going to make a whole big cake version another time - will be very cool when it's sliced up to reveal all the colours :D



Ayesha said...

im so glad i found your blog some very funky layouts love love love xxx

Judith said...

Loving those clothes pegs x I will be back to your blog its great x