28 April 2009

Crafty Jewellery

I love experimenting and making something out of hardly anything. Last night I had a play and made these cute rings out of the smallest pieces of left over fabric, recycled fiber filling and buttons. The ring bases I had in my jewellery stash you can get them for pence from jewellery finding suppliers.They're really easy to make. All I did was choose a button for the base - the same size as the motif on the fabric, centered the button on the motif and then did a running stitch about 1.5cm from the edge of the button. I added some filling and then the button on top and then just pulled the thread so it gathered around and then stitched back and forth to get rid of all the puckers. I used another piece of fabric stuck over the back to hide the stitching and then the glue gun to attach it to the ring base. Really simple!
Will defo be having a play with some more fabric/jewellery ideas. I love this necklace I made last year so I'm thinking I'll be making some more for this summer. These are sew simple too you just make a tube of fabric the same width as the beads you want to use and pop them inside the tube making a knot after each one. You can make the tube as long as you want but you need to at least double the length you want your finished necklace to be so you have enough for knotting.

xx Leo

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Looby said...

those rings are fab hunny - love the russian doll one especially!
Lou x