23 January 2009

101th post! + blog candy + new cards

So I finally got to the 100th post on here, that's something for me because I'm such a pants blogger. I am going to try much harder this year and I think I'm getting there because this past couple of weeks I've had a massive creative splurge. I've been scrapping, making cards, sewing and all kinds of creative-ness. I even found time to make a new blog header, mostly from bits I had on my desk, which I actually tidied! Yes I can see actual patches of desk now, lol.

So anyway all this creative-ness has made me think I should update my blog with not just card things but try and include other makes to share so that's my aim for this year for defo. I'm also working my way though my stash piles and I've decided to do an A-Z of manufacturers challenge so for A I picked out American Crafts and I've only allowed myself to use American Crafts goodies. You can play along if you want to or make your own A-Z challenge up to get your inspro going. It's come in really handy for me already because my calendar in January and early Feb is full of birthdays...

A for American Crafts
I used lots of their lush patterned papers, Guesthouse Foam shapes, Minimark rub-ons, ribbon, Flair and Thickers. Everything is American Crafts apart from a little bit of felt and that one paper blossom and button, hey it's my challenge, my rules :P
OK on to blog candy business, I did say that I would do a give-away when I got to my 100th post so here is what I came up with. I plundered the office draw that has a load of spare goodies in from past Crafty Templates kits, added a few extra bits and pieces and made up two kits to giveaway!

1. Boy cards
Boy cards are so difficult and it's cool to have a stash of goodies there as a starting point so here I've made a kit to make boy cards with. There's loads of papers, Bazzill card, 6 card blanks and cool kraft envelopes with some boyish matching embellies.........
2. Project fun-ness
Picture the scene, it's a rainy afternoon you have a bit of spare time and you fancy sitting down to a crafty session, you get all your crafty stuff out and then nothing happens because your you time is up already. So here I've made up a fun kit full of bright colours to go along with the Crafty Templates Pinwheel mini book project, {I'll send you a free download of the project sheet too or print one off if you need me to}. Everything you need to follow the project is in the kit apart from adhesive and photos so you can sit down with the kit, follow the project and end up with something cool at the end of it.
Nothing complicated to do just post bellow Boys are cool {if you want the boy kit} or 'Projects Rule' {if you want the project kit} and I'll pick two winners out at random. E Z P Z!
xx Leo


Anonymous said...

Projects rule!

I love American crafts too, their stuff is so nice!!

clarescout said...

Projects rule!Congratulations on your 100th post,I love your A-Z project but would need to buy more stash first lol.

Maddy said...

Boys are cool! That boy kit looks pretty cool too :)

Anonymous said...

Projects rule!

I could use some of your creativeness, I'm in a little funk myself! :)
~Ronni H.

bubblegum said...

Oooh gorgeous cards there leo - so bright and happy..:)

And thanks so much for the chance to win some fabby blog candy..
'Projects Rule' would be my choice - gorgeous stuff. :)

Will link your candy in my side bar.

Beautifullily said...

Project rule for me please! Love the cards you've made, and what a great A-Z chalenge you've started!

Heather said...

projects rule! looks like a fab kit! :)

Kate said...

Hi your kits are rocking, im in love, i would love either but i will say 'Projects Rule' as im a bright funky kinda person.

Thanks for a chance of winning some goodies.

Much Love Katy xx

Lythan said...

Congrats on your post! The kits are great. Should I be lucky I'd say that Projects Rule - but love them both really

Wrightboysmum said...

Boys are cool. Love the A-Z project idea. Looking forward to seeing more craftyness over the coming year.

Alaina said...

Fabulous kits. . . projects rule!

Cazzy said...

Projects rule I say, great kits both.

Lydia said...

Projects rule! But they are both gorgeous, and this is a lovely idea!

Leanie said...

Projects rule!
Although there seem to be better odds of me winning the card kit :)
I'm a little scared of bright colours and fun funky things, but that project looks so lovely and so much fun that I really hope that I get the chance to try - infact I'd settle for the project sheet if I didn't!
Thanks for a lovely candy giveaway,

Pam said...

they are both cool!
I struggle with all cards, especially boy cards-but having said that I LOVE the project rules kit, so I reckon I'd go for that one!! I love the cards you made btw!

LEXI said...

Whata tough desicion!
I just found your blog--great stuff!
I should say "boys Are cool" Because I have 2 little guys.
But really, I use boyish colored stuff all the time on their pages so the "projects rule" is pulling me in! I wouldn't be picky htough if I won :)

Gayle said...

we have to choose?!? I love both! If forced to decide, I'd say that Boys are Cool! From a starting out blogger, congrats on your 101th post!!!

TracyW said...

Projects rule! Gorgeous kit, such lush fresh colours. Great challenge btw.