14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Here's the cute Bind it All project I was on about in my previous post using the stamps from DewDropz Crafts. I used my heart journal stamp and stamped it to the back of some scraps of patterned paper then cut them out. Then I cut two small pieces of wire from a 1/2 O wire and measured them up to the top of one of the hearts and marked where the holes needed to go. The BIA won't punch them in exactly the right places on the heart so using a hole punch or a crop-o-dile is miles easier. Once you've marked one you can do a few at a time and mark the position of the holes through the punched holes. Once all the holes are in place thread through the two pieces of wire and use the BIA to bind. If you don't have a Bind it all tool you could squish the wires with your fingers as they are quite squishable enough but you won't get as good a bind.
Finish it off with a title, I used rub ons on a piece of ribbon. Tie some decorative ribbons and bits of fabric through the wire at the top and make a hanging piece by threading a long piece of ribbon through the 'o' part of the wire and tying at one end. You can add journaling and little photos inside or maybe secret romantic messages!

Have a fab day!
xx Leo

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