6 November 2006

Going Dotty

Well, I'm feeling like crap today :(
I'm ill with a cold, which meant I didn't enjoy bonfire night like I usually do because every firework bang made my brain rattle inside my head so I'm feeling sorry for myself because of that. I have an absolute ton of work to do today including a commission that should have been in the clients home by today. So instead of snuggling up in bed with my honey and lemon I have to get up and get on. Then I've just found out I didn't get on the Banana Frog Design Team, which to be honest I didn't expect to but secretly I was hoping it might cheer me up a bit if it was good news. Then I've just remembered UKScrappers is down today so I can't go and muck about on there till my brain starts working again. I need a disclaimer at the beginning of this post it's so moany! I'm just feeling sorry for myself I'll be back to normal soon enough.
This is my minibook I made for the Banana Frog DT comp. I collected together some of my favorite papers and ribbons (all dotty ones) and filled it with some of my silly favorite things. All the embellishment (except a blossom and the papers/ribbons) I've made myself with stamps or handpainted/sewn. I'd recommend having a go. It's a great way of using up papers you like, (you know the ones that are too nice to use) and making something just for you. These are just a few pages.


Anonymous said...

I love the minibook, absolutely stunning. Great idea using those too good to use papers too, might make one for myself from my BG Lilykate which is still untouched!

Which Art College were you at? I went to Grays in Aberdeen.

Dont feel too bad about not getting on the banana frog DT, your work is gorgeous.

Get well soon
Rhi x

Anonymous said...

Great minibook Leo - I take it you like dots!!?? Hope you feel better soon.