29 September 2010

Yet another work desk Wednesday

I totally forgot it was WDW today until about 10 mins ago. I was getting all my card kit stuff out in front of me to sort out the DT kits and I remembered I was going to take a piccy of it all this week. I can't believe it's been a week already since I was thinking everything would have arrived by today.
So here's what I'm looking at today:
 It's almost a sea of kraft, lol! I went for a mix of kraft brown with bright fun patterns in the papers and a quirky font to add messages. I've got a kit to make samples with in that brown paper bag and something that shouldn't be on my desk, my cup of warm Ribena, eek! Drinks and paper don't mix I better move that quick. I'm trying to keep drinking, got a horrid throat/chest chill thing trying to take me down, I bet everyone is the same this time of year when the weather changes.
I love these little card blanks too with the messages already on and those cute mini kraft tags although looking at those did make me think I've not got a ribbon to put in the kit, I might pop some twine in to work with the whole kraft thing. I picked out some large blank tags too so when people are using the kit they can use up any small leftover bits to make some gift tags.

I've just got my Sass catalogue out too I'm thinking of adding a little bit more colour in and there's a fun tartan paper in there I'm thinking of adding in.I don't know why but I just love tartan and kraft for Christmas cards, is that just me or do you think it works for Christmas?
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xx Leo

22 September 2010

Work desk Wednesday

Well the huge scrapbook I've been working on went out on Monday so that was a huge relief and it's freed up a little bit of time to indulge my own crafty fun this week. I ended up making 30 layouts then used some of those cool American Crafts multi pocket page protectors to slip in the rest of the photos between the layouts - can defo recommend those if you have tons of pictures to fit in one scrapbook.

Anyway so something I'm working on all this week is running through the latest Create 10 class project, you can see quite a few peeks of the project on my desk today. This time it's a minibook and if you're playing along with us we'll be making a little bit of the minibook through each of the 10 days. It all starts next week so this week I'm just running though the stages and taking photos to add in to the class pages. If you do want to play along it's all free this time and you can check out all the details here.

I hope everyone has fun with it anyway, I know I am at least making it now :) Other thing I'm doing this week and next week is sorting out the Christmas card kits. I refused to do them while it was warm it's just not good ordering Christmas stuff in July! I went for some of the new American Crafts ones, there's a peek of my design sheet right at the back with them on, there's defo lots of cute Christmas stuff to look out for this year and a good mix of traditional too. I didn't go for it this time but Pink Paislee have a lovely traditional Christmas set coming around next month, very whimsical and Victorian if you like that look over the bright and cute patterns. I got some other cute Christmas things from Etsy too and I'm waiting on my order from Lily Bee Designs that should be arriving any time this week, fingers crossed! It should be all ready to go together by next work desk Wednesday so I'll be able to share a peek then.
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xx Leo

7 September 2010

Scribbles 'n' Scrappin

So why did you call your blog what you called it?
Scribbles 'n' Scrappin came from my notebooks. I was twiddling my thumbs trying to think of something that wasn't taken as a blog name and then my eyes drifted over to my stack of notebooks. I have a thing that I think I picked up in art school where we had to forever sketch out our ideas before we put actual brush to paper. I used to hate it at the time but it's grown into a life long habit. Before I can scrap or do most craft I scribble down my ideas first. I suppose it is a good habit to get into because when inspiration strikes it's not always possible to drop everything and start creating so you can reach for your notebook and put everything down ready to work from when you can.
I have thrown lots of notebooks in the recycle bin but I have kept others and like to trawl back through trying to glean new ideas. Some of them are so haphazard I'm not sure anyone would be able to make any sense of them but me!

All the notebooks I've had I've made myself, you can grab some of your fave patterned papers and embellies and have fun creating. I made up some extra books to put in my etsy store last week. You can have a peek here. This one is my fave I used some pretty chipboard from American Crafts I've just treated myself to:
That chipboard and the sketches are coming in handy for the *massive scrapbook project I'm doing at the mo. I did this page at the weekend, one of 10 that I finished in 2 days, I haven't scrapped this much since the last UK Scrappers Cyber crop!
I hope the lady likes it when it's done. I've had to really draw back my style, no messy painty inkiness but I'm still managing to get a bit of me in the pages. I added some of the butterfly garlands I've been making.

I've also had to teach myself to make photo corners again so I can add the photos in a not so permanent way. I did want some removable glue so I could add the photos but they could be peeled away from the pages easily but I haven't had any luck finding any, I'm sure it must exist? As always any help much appreciated.
xx Leo

*see last post

6 September 2010

Ever Get Scrapping Brain Ache?

So I love scrapbooking but I've got serious brain ache from my current project. I'm helping out my Grams making a scrapbook for her friends' 70th and while I'm really enjoying it - {especially looking though the cool heritage photos I just love} there are a lot of photos Grams has come up with.....

....so I'm getting serious scrappers brain ache. If anyone has any known cure I'd love to hear it. If you don't hear from me for a while you know what I'm up to. Anyway it's putting everything else I'm doing kind of on hold, at least it will for the next couple of weeks...

xx Leo