30 July 2007

Check and Double Check

I made two check cards for this weeks DMC dare. Yes............ that's a Christmas Card! lol The Christmas card I used a check ribbon from Ribbon Oasis the cupcake card I made a check doodley background with Galaxy marker pens on Bazzill. I'm going to be boring this week and leave it at that because I haven't had lunch yet and I'm starved! :p

xx TFL

24 July 2007

Pocket Full of Hugs

My DMC dare card for this week. For my pocket I used the jeans pocket template from Crafty Templates to make a pocket shaped card then decorated it with Love Elsie fabric, Circus Rose paper and some random buttons. I filled my pocket with hugs, made using different alpha stamp sets stamped on some card scraps.

Lynne I have a funny story about the origins of that Pretenders song Brass in Pocket from my mum and dad. Back in the day a few years before I came along my dad was in a 'rock band' and the band played a few 'gigs' with the Pretenders. In Yorkshire speak 'Brass' means money and when Chrissie Hynde heard them talking she thought it was cool and wrote it into her song. So that's what it means she's got some brass in her pocket and she's off on the town! Funny eh!

19 July 2007

Thank U!! Little Extra

Thank you cards are just the best to make! My 'fakes' are the buttons I made from chipboard covered with scraps of paper. I also did a bit of fake doodled stitching round the edge. The monogram is a MME one and I figured that was a bit fake because it's been made to look a bit 3D but it's flat! Thanks for another ickle extra dare DMCers and congratz for your 50,000 accomplishment. I'll dedicate my thank you card to you guys for helping me make my cards way more creative and fun!  xx Leo

13 July 2007


Couldn't think up a title for this post, came up with habertrashery because as well as using stuff from the haberdashers on my card for the DMcers dare I've used vintage buttons and a page from an old pattern making book so that's the trash bit...
When I read the dare this morning I knew I had to have a play because my desk at the mo looks like the after effect of a free for all in the haberdashery dept. Seriously there's buttons and threads and ribbons everywhere so that's basically what my card turned out like, all these bits I've got laying round squished into a 140mm squared card blank!

I used a Petaloo blossom, MayArts ribbon and some more bits from Ribbon Oasis, Lace from my local haberdashers, Habiknit and buttons, some vintage some not, one's a Love Elsie chipboard one.

Just like to also add that I absolutely love a good rummage in a Haberdashers. Rooting round for little forgotten gems for 35p a bundle and going to the till with armfuls of goodies that always seem to add up to less that £10.00? Love it! :-D

60's Inspired

I picked out Popart as my 60's inspiration, specifically Andy Warhol. I cut out four pieces of coloured card, then stamped the same image in different coloured inks on each piece to create the effect.
The stamp is a Banana Frog one from the funky flowers set, cardstock off cuts from my stash and a bit of Love Elsie Roxie tiny ribbon.

TFL xx

9 July 2007

Text Message Reply

My DMCers dare go for this week! Make a card with some text in it somewhere. So I picked out some Elsie paper with printed text on, jammed it together with a bit of Scenic Route paper (which also has some text in!!) some cardboard, a Papermania silk flower and a bit of Elsie fabric in a heart shape. Ded simps!! :-D
I've also made an owl template from my last card for Gillian and anyone else if you want it, watch out for that book in stores soon......... lol!
Download For A Hoot!

5 July 2007

My birdy's too Beadilicous

Finished my DMC dare at last! This one is getting beads in to your card. I'm not sure if the card works or not but I'll keep playing with it. The gimmie a hoot thing is like just saying hi or whatever but I keep thinking it's I don't give a stuff, give a hoot so I'm not sure if it works as a sentiment, (in my head anyway!) but it works with the owl. I like the idea of sewing the seed beads on the felt though so I'll have to play about with the idea, maybe pick some beads that are a like colour or little crystally ones, I've got enough seed beads to play with anyway, those things get all over the place don't they? Or is that just me too! lol xx Leo

4 July 2007

Tied up with ribbon

Been busy this week making DT stuff for Ribbon Oasis so I'll have to share this for now then I'm having a go at the DMCers beads challenge, it's on my to do list!! :-D

The notepaper set I made a PDF project for with the notepaper print on it and instrucions. You can download it from here if you want.
xx Leo