27 May 2010

Decorated Envelope Minibook

Ok here's the decorated envelope minibook I did yesterday afternoon....
I kept some of the envelope showing through on the cover and used cut out pieces of patterned paper and some trims, fabric flowers and stickers.

Some of the inside pages, just the photos to add in.

Some of the pages I made into pockets by trimming off the top of the envelope page then made little tags with off cuts of card and the shapes decorating the top are nestabilities diecuts cut in half then glued on back to back.
xx Leo

26 May 2010

Work Desk Wednesday Again

It's workdesk Wednesday again! Well not added much to the old blog this week, not been up to much crafty stuff this week the weather has been far too good! Rain has resumed though today so it's a good excuse to have a little play.

Still some things from last week left on the go and been pushed to the back of my desk, that's so bad right but I bet we all do it! I've always got a few things that are half finished hanging around. I'm just about to start making an envelope mini book. I had a few leftover bits and pieces from kits in the store so I put together some little project kits including this one. I've kept one for me though and I'm going to put one together as a cute little birthday gift instead of a card. I should be finished up soon so I'll pop a piccy of it finished up. They're very easy to make just a case of getting a stack of envelopes and gluing them on top of each other using the flaps.
The flaps act as little hinges on each page. You can keep some of the envelopes open to pop little bits inside or cover them over completely with patterned paper.
Still haven't done anything with those candy canes!
xx Leo

19 May 2010

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

I keep seeing this posted up on Kathy's blog and since I was looking to be easily distracted from work to do today, today I'm playing along for the first time :).

My desk is completely messy, it almost always is although it usually gets a tidy up every now and then, usually when there is no more room for a fresh 'pile' of 'stuff'.

Today I've got a few things on the go. I'm working on some colours and patterns for a new project and have scribbled some ideas down in my notebook. I've got three projects made from Quirky Kits I've almost completed, some embroidery and a not so mini minibook. There's also my broken bow ring that needs mending when I have time, it got wet and fell apart, bit of super glue should do the trick I'm hoping.

I found those candy canes a few weeks ago and thought they'd look cute on cards but I've as yet to think of a way to use them so maybe I should make that a project to finish for next Wednesday?

xx Leo

10 May 2010

Use it up

I'm trying this year to use up leftovers as much as possible. One thing I have found is that leftovers tend to have a habit of accumulating - with the good intention that they will get used someday - into a larger and larger and larger collection. Because of this I am now trying to use leftovers more as they're made rather than squirrelling them away. It does have an added benefit that you're not searching around for the right bit of paper to use, it's a go to the latest pile and start using kind of gig. One of my favorite things to do is to makes cut outs and shapes from leftover papers or draw on them and cut out drawings I particularly like. It's defo a fun thing to have a go at. I started adding to my depleted pile of notecards this weekend with these 'Fancy Dress' cards.
These first two I made with templates I'd done for Crafty Templates:

After that I started just drawing on the paper. This was my fave one....

So yeah, scribbling on patterned paper leftovers, defo something to have a play with.
xx Leo

Linby the templates are in the May subscription set, so you need to click on template subscriptions but if you want just the dress sheet let me know. xx

6 May 2010

Pull up a Chair & Chillax

Browsing through the Moxie Fab blog yesterday I came across the 'Three Cheers for Chairs' challenge. It's so quirky I had to have a play. You have to make something paper crafty that features a chair/chairs. I wasn't sure what to do but I did have the idea in my head to make an easel card because of this weeks DMC challenge so that's what I ended up with. The chair I just sketched out on a piece of card then cut it out and added a bit of colour with Promarkers. The cushions I sketched on to some Prima patterned papers and cut them out then added them on top. That's pretty much it. I added AC Thickers for the title and the alpha stickers are October Afternoon Mini Market stickers.

I wasn't sure how to spell out 'chillax' it's one of those funny slang words that everyone says and nobody spells!
xx Leo